Thursday, June 12, 2014

Handle with care

Laminate flooring is one of the most cost efficient way to have the best of all world. That being said, simple takes can be taken to ensure its quality and longevity remains at its best. 

Step 1, dry mop. Never use too much water when mopping laminate flooring, tiny water particles will seep into the locking and ultimately resulting in Water Damage. Best option would be to use fibre mop. 

Step 2, Handle with Care. Accidents happen, when your drinks are spilled onto the floor, quickly dry it off, especially the seams, if you do it fast enough, congratulation, you just saved your flooring. However, if water damage does occurs, make sure no one touches the affected part and try to leave it alone for sometime (anywhere between 1 week to 3 months++), the damage will not be obvious, but it is still there. In case of heavy damage, a replacement is adviceable, contact your contractor or ID to rectify this, or just call us. 

Step 3, Let it Shine! Though most don't do this, but you could consider it during your next Big House Keeping. Waxing the floor will rejuvenate its life, giving it the shine it lost overtime, and coating it to serve you longer. 

There are many more steps, but we don't wanna waste your time anymore, so remember the above 3 steps:
1) Dry Mop
2) Hande with Care
3) Let it Shine

Best solution for water damaged laminate floor.

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