Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quality of Laminate Flooring

As per title, we will be looking into the quality of laminate flooring in recent years, but before that lets just backtrack a little more and look into its beginning:

A standard laminate flooring breakdown.

Laminate flooring was first founded in 1977 by a Swedish company Perstorp which was already in the flooring business since 1923. It was later introduced into Europe (1984) and United States (1994). Locking base (current version) laminate was given birth to in 1996 by another Swedish company Välinge Aluminium, however in 1997 a Belgian manufacturer Unilin also brought in a similar technology. Most innovations that can be found in the market today are more or less base on these two great innovators. 

As the years pass by, more and more players entered into this market, in order to gain market share, practically everyone went into a price war. In order to maximize profit, cost is being pushed down. As the years passed, there are still players who wish to have a piece of this pie, but with a saturated market, most has turned into driving the already low cost to a whole new level, with this practice, QUALITY has finally been compromised. 

The internet has always served as a medium to help netizen to be savvy in all things, especially purchase. The saying, 'Cheap things aren't good, Good things aren't cheap' is still true to a certain point, but with the help of the online community, we could identify what are the range of good things, and what are the range of cheap things. 

I'm a supplier of LAMINATE FLOORING in SINGAPORE, however I'm not going to openly advertise my product here, YET. Suffice to say, my product is not cheap, if you are looking for an affordable laminate flooring, we are slightly above the market price, but that is not the bread and butter of our product lineup, our product lineup are solution centric, we even have a waterproof laminate flooring, it is not Vinyl, it is indeed a real waterproof laminate.

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